About Workex®

Founded 2017, Bengaluru, India
Workex is a platform that brings together India's Workforce and their Employers. While there exist many 'solutions' that claim to bring both sides together, we have reason to believe they don't work. In our understanding - the right solution will assist businesses hire right candidates and job seekers find job opportunities - in minutes.

At Workex, we see the demand and supply of human resource as a problem that our flagship platform will solve. We believe a full stack recruitment and management platform that creates a digital supply chain of opportunities & human resource is the key. To this effect, we've built the Workex platform empowering candidates to maintain their updated work profiles, complete with documents, verification, and reviews.

Candidates can search for full time & part time jobs and also for apprenticeships. The whole process takes only 3 taps - one each for apply, chat & accept a job offer. Employers can post jobs, browse candidates, share and receive interests from them, shortlist and share job offers via the platform. Again, 3 simple taps are needed - one each for post, chat & hire.

Already in the pipeline are Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - to enhance matchmaking & job recommendations, to help recruiters minimise time to hire & attrition, to aid candidates in securing a job they are interested in - all in a few taps on the app.

India doesn't lack either jobs or job seekers. While the landscape of recruitment has changed - it has not evolved. Recruiters & job seekers are still using the old modus & experiencing old inefficiencies, despite the existence of more evolved technology. Existing solutions either address job seekers or recruiters - but don’t address the asymmetry of information in the spectrum of recruitment & management.

We believe it's time for building a Work Life Platform that will encompass EVERYONE in India. A vast network with information on each person's education, skills, learning, expertise with requisite background checks and peer validation in place.

The creation of the Workex Platform paves the way for a new era of 100% digital & 100% verified recruitment, where job seekers find Jobs, recruiters find the right candidate, all at the tap of a button, in record time. For Team Workex however - this is just the first step.